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Scholarship Scheme

Our Scholarship is imperative to the Lambda Delta chapter because it allows members to experience the true principle of the fraternity. The success of our chapter’s rush, pledge education, public relations, and continuing education programs is reliant upon our scholarship program. A well-balanced scholarship program will add to the image of our chapter within campus life and Greek communities.

Students attend college to receive an education, not to join a fraternity. It is important to remember that scholarship is one of the most important fundamental expectations of the fraternity.

Improving the educational accomplishments of our members is our main priority as a Greek fraternity. Consequently, having a flourishing academic atmosphere for this chapter is a reasonable expectation. Pi Kappa Alpha has always believed that advancing academic performance and having high ideals regarding education are all essential aspects for having the ideal undergraduate experience.

The role of the scholarship chairman is very important. By producing goals for our chapter, and promoting scholarly achievement guarantees success for the future of our chapter.

Stressing the significance of scholarship and helping develop studious skills through our chapter’s continuing education program influences the development of young men who will remain positive citizens throughout their college career and as alumni of Pi Kappa Alpha. As scholarship chairman one should take pride in this position.

You are expected to uphold one the most important ideals of Pi Kappa Alpha.
The purposes of the programs the scholarship chairman places include but are not limited to the following:
· To distinguish individual and chapter academic efforts
– achieving the best GPA of all fraternities/sororities
– respect of campus student body and academic communities
· Encourage academic enhancement techniques of all chapter members (i.e. sitting in front of the class, study tips, using other Brothers that have taken the class as valuable resources)