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Lambda Delta chapter here at the University of Vermont prides itself on being the best fraternity on campus as well as, living up to the true pike membership standard. In order to achieve these standards we’ve set ourselves apart from the other fraternities by excelling within the community. Ever since our arrival to the University in 2000 we’ve been consistently focused and driven to exceed from the negative stereotypical term “frat” that is used on college campuses throughout America . We believe the best way to portray a positive image to our community is to be proactive and give back to the members of our communities demonstrating a positive and caring image. Every brother must put forth an effort in contributing a minimum of 30 hours of community service per academic semester.
Over the years we have adopted a specific focus for our community service to raise funds and awareness for the neurodegenerative disease known as ALS. The Northern New England Chapter of ALS has welcomed our support and we have built a strong and lasting relationship. The main reason our chapter chose to aid this cause is due to the impact the disease has had on the family of a bother. We have found that it is more beneficial to give to a cause that can directly support members of our brethren.
Pi Kappa Alpha strives to give back to its community in a variety of ways. Whether this is accomplished through raising money or providing manual labor to a variety of events in the Burlington community, Pikes can be seen giving their time year round. Through our commitment for bettering the community, brothers are involved in several active positions in many organizations on the UVM campus. From Residential Life, Alumni Relations, Admissions, Intramural sports, Varsity Athletic teams, Greek Honor Societies, and numerous other honor societies, the list grows and grows as Pike continues to gain valuable and dedicated individuals.

Freshmen Move In:
Pi Kappa Alpha, along with the support of the entire Greek community, helped move belongings, provide assistance, offer clarification, and ease the transition for the incoming freshman class into their dormitories. A total of 22 brothers spent a combined 110 hours serving this meaningful experience.

ALS Foundation Bike-a-Thon:
On September 7, 2005 brothers rode a stationary bicycle for a combined 24 hours, each taking at least one 30 minute shift. Funds are raised on a basis of per-mile pledges previously gathered prior to the event. Flat donations were also accepted and were collected outside Cook Commons on the University campus. Pi Kappa Alpha was the sole organizer of this event and all proceeds support the Northern New England Chapter of the ALS Foundation. The total number of participants was 54, amassing a total of 10 hours for this project, while raising $2,000 as a result of everyone’s commitment and dedication.

Benefit Walk-a-thon for ALS Foundation:
The ALS Foundation holds charity and fundraising events all across New England to raise money to fund research and aid patients currently afflicted with this terrible neurological disease. Brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha raised their own donations and together drove to Rutland, Vermont (the site of the walk) to participate in this event. ALS is an organization close to all our hearts, as one of our brother’s mother suffers from this illness. The Northern New England Chapter for ALS organized this event, while Pike showed support in participants and finances. Overall the event raised $60,000, with our contribution being $959 brothers were able to attend the event, but total work hours amounted to 125 hours.

Hot Chocolate Sales:
Pike brothers set up a table outside the Bailey-Howe library at UVM and sold hot chocolate to raise money for the regional ALS chapter. The fraternity was the sole organizer, while Sodexho was generous enough to donate all the hot chocolate used. A total of $120 was raised, which 54 brothers conducting a total of 60 hours to this worthy cause.

Penguin Plunge Cleanup (February 11, 2006):
Brothers helped assist cleanup crews after the Penguin Plunge event held at the Burlington Waterfront. With proceeds going to the Special Olympics, 48 brothers attended, each dedicating an hour of his time for this cause.

Walk for Literacy:
The Pi Beta Phi sorority organized and sponsored a Walk for Literacy in which books were donated to libraries in New Orleans that had been ravished by the effects of Hurricane Katrina. 30 Pike brothers participated in this walk and donated 45 books between them. A total of 45 hours were given for this event.

Burlington Mardi Gras Parade (March 5, 2006):
Brothers, as they have done annually, volunteered to help with crowd control for the Mardi Gras parade held on Church Street in downtown Burlington. In collaboration with the Women’s Rape Crisis Center and Magic Hat Brewing, 60 brothers worked for 80 hours on this enjoyable occasion.

Assisting running maple syrup lines:
Over Spring Break, 5 Pike brothers from Rutland, Vermont helped run maple-sugaring lines for a native Vermonter in the area. Chapter president Ben Barone organized the event on March 22, 2006 which collected a total of 30 hours with no money being obtained for Pi Kappa Alpha.

Pi Kappa Alpha and Pi Beta Phi 5K Fun Run (April 1, 2006):
Members of Pike and the Pi Beta Phi sorority collaborated on a 5 kilometer race to raise money for the Northern New England ALS chapter. This event is held every year, with numerous aspects being taken into consideration from the initial planning, publicizing throughout the community, contacting various organizations that would be interested, and finally coordinating and participating in the event the day of the race. This year we are estimating that 60 Pike brothers will attend, with a total of 300 hours being committed to make sure this is a successful event. The final totals have not all been calculated, but early estimates show approximately $325 being raised for ALS.

Overall, the philanthropy conducted by the brothers of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity during the fall of 2005 and spring of 2006 has taken on several forms while working in a variety of different capacities. While the majority of all proceeds raised go to the ALS Foundation, Pike certainly will not hesitate to offer a helping hand wherever and whenever it may be needed. Events benefit not only the UVM community, but Burlington and beyond. For this year, Pike has contributed over 1,302 hours of service, while raising an astonishing $3,404!