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Our Motto

The True Pike

As a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, I have pledged myself to uphold the values taught in our Ritual and restated in our Vision, Mission, and Creed. The True Pike is committed to a life of caring for others as he cares for himself. In pursuit of that ideal, I reaffirm my pledge…

—To Myself

to practice academic integrity and strive for academic achievement
to meet all of my financial obligations on time
to preserve a sound mind and body, rejecting abuse of alcohol or drugs
to pursue my career goals zealously, but with integrity
to promote brotherly love and kind feeling, nurturing my friendships
to dedicate myself to my family, my faith, and pursuit of the truth.
—To My Brothers
to challenge all brothers to uphold this code and hold accountable those who do not
to respect the dignity of all; not to tolerate physical or mental abuse of any human being
to seek and fulfill leadership roles and participate energetically in Fraternity activities
to encourage my chapter to establish and enforce rigorous academic standards
to urge my chapter not to tolerate abuse of alcohol or drugs
to actively recruit new members who I believe will uphold the Fraternity’s values
to participate enthusiastically in an education program to inculcate our values
— To My Fraternity
to ensure that my conduct at all events and activities reflects Pi Kappa Alpha in a positive light
to reach out to brothers beyond my own chapter; and welcome those who reach out to me
to participate actively in Fraternity sponsored educational and leadership conferences
to volunteer my time as an alumnus to an area chapter or alumni association or to the Fraternity
to provide financial support for the Pi Kappa Alpha Educational Foundation
to respect the Fraternity’s property and symbols
to leave the Fraternity and my chapter better than they were when I arrived
—To My Community
to protect the health and safety of others
to participate in campus activities, and stay involved with my alma mater beyond my graduation
to foster good relationships with the University faculty and administration
to serve my community through participation in civic organizations and events
Only by so doing, can I fulfill my commitment to Pi Kappa Alpha and be worthy to count myself a True Pike.


The Lambda Delta Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity prides itself at our University by continuously finding the most and best men on campus. The efforts of the chapter’s recruitment are focused year round on finding men who embody the attributes to which all Pi Kappa Alpha’s posses. Each recruit must exemplify S.L.A.G conduct in its entirety in order to be considered worthy of a bid. By finding scholars, leaders, athletes, and Gentleman the Lambda Delta Chapter has been able to find recruits that embody the TRUE Pike membership standards. By being scholars we can ensure they practice academic integrity and strive for achievement, and that they will pursue career goals with passionate but truthful conduct. In recruiting leaders we find that they become loyal and nurturing brothers. Athletes strive to preserve mind and body by not abusing alcohol and drugs. Most importantly gentlemanly conduct provides candidates which embody all the TRUE Pike standards.
In detail we have found the best way to find recruits is taking an active approach in finding names and contacts. We approach professors and ask for recommendations, Deans of college’s to receive names of the Dean List Students, and question athletes about new players. Also many man hours are spent setting up information booths at high traffic locations throughout campus shaking hands and making the fraternities presence known as well as its desire to actively pursue new candidates. Once a list of normally one hundred candidates or more is established cold calls, rush events, and interviews follow. After a series of events the “most best men” are selected and offered bids to begin pledging our beloved fraternity.
In the short but thriving history of the Lambda Delta Chapter the recruitment tactics using TRUE pike as a standard have excelled our fraternity to becoming the largest and strongest fraternity on campus. Being chartered in April of 2000, Lambda Delta has won Greek House of the Year 5 times in 6 years. By setting such high standards of recruitment the pledge classes from semester to semester improve in both quality and in quantity. Because the Lambda Delta chapter consists of such high caliber men, as a result of these recruitment standards, it has become increasingly easier to recruit men of similar or better attributes.